What we do

Projects of Help

The primary aim of the organisation is to affect the level of education of children by continuous support. It is focusing on orphans and children living in conditions that do not allow them to achieve even basic education. The fundamental project of the organization is to build an orphanage itself (i.e. The Center for Orphans) in Mahango in Tanzania. This should, at least partially, solve problems of abandoned children, who unfortunately are not in care of the state, and who are often living in very poor conditions. After securing the main material support, the organization shall fully commit to the upbringing and education of these children, through the existing center.


The basic pillar of community development of the organisation Bez mámy is to build the Center for Orphans in Mahango.

South of Tanzania, about 50 km from the provincial capital of Mbeya


Center for orphans consists of three buildings: two hostels for boys and girls who do not have parents, or homes and a communal dining room with kitchen. The construction of the Center has started in 2011. In 2013, the operation was launched in the building for boys and in the dining room. The girls stayed in a small orphanage next to the missionary station. In 2015, the structural work of hostel for girls was completed and vegetable garden with fencing was built. In 2016, we had 23 children at the Center. In 2017, a hostel for girls is to be completed.

Character of the Project

Thanks to the support of education and provided facilities, children should be able to find and keep a job in their in adulthood and make a living for themselves and their families. Apart from education, children are guided to become independent and to have responsible approach to life. The organization Bez mámy, z.s. has the potential to change the future of these children and to improve their living conditions.


This project reflects the urgent need to improve conditions in the Tanzanian rural schools. These schools have inadequate facilities for good education - not only the shortage of good teachers and teaching aids, but they lack the very basic things here (good roof, floor, windows, benches, ...)

On average, an elementary school in this country accounts for 700 - 1.000 pupils and 10 teachers only.

How Does It Work?
Pupils of Czech schools help together to raise funds for specific need of their partner school in Tanzania. They develop creative thinking, entrepreneurship, team spirit and learn to think and care for others. Schools in Tanzania are motivated by receiving the funding to develop and to search for other sources and report back to the Czech school the visual change that has been achieved.

For 10.000 CZK (370 € ) we can create desks for over 60 pupils in Tanzanian partner school, or we can repair windows in class for 70 pupils. 

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Adoption of orphans gives children a chance to have a better future in the Center and beyond.

There is an opportunity for families or individuals to regularly financially support some of Tanzanian children who lost their parents or who live in very adverse living conditions. The support is used to ensure the necessary things such as: HOUSING, FOOD, CLOTHING AND EDUCATION.


The amount of money needed per year vary depending on whether the child is fully supported and whether the child attends an elementary school or a high school.

Full Support

of food, clothing, medical care, school supplies, tuition, personal hygiene is dedicated to children staying in orphange center:

  • 220 € /year ... for primary school child
  • 300 € /year ... for secondary school student
  • 450 € /year ... for private secondary school student
  • 450 € /year ... for high school student

Partial support

is mostly focused on educational support. Children are staying with their relatives

  • 140 € /year ... for primary school child
  • 220 € /year ... for secondary school student
  • 450 € /year ... for private secondary school student
  • 450 € /year ... for high school student

Our Projects in Numbers


We are taking care of 40 orphans on average annually since 2011.

In 2013, the first building of Orphanage Center was opened - boys' dormitory counting 9 children.

Since 2014, this dormitory accomoted 20 children on average .


We are helping 7 Tanzanian rural schools by 8 Czech schools on average annually.

Every year we provide help to these schools worth aproximately 3.000 € .

Totally, this means we improve the school enviroment and educational conditions for almost 500 students per year.