What we do

The central pillar of the community development Bez mámy is to build an orphan care centre in Mahango.

Tanzania has 3,1 million orphans. The state does not have funds for care and building homes for so many children. Thus, the orphans live on the streets malnourished, without any possibility of personal hygiene, or they survive at their distant relatives where they are not always treated well. They struggle with lack of money and food which the involuntarily big family has to split among themselves. The children do not go to school because they have no money to buy a school uniform and other necessary school supplies. So they cannot change the situation themselves. Instead of regular school attendance, they are often used for hard field work or grazing livestock. It has a great importance to change at least one child’s living conditions and give him or her chance to live a better adult life.

For this reason, we help these children to create home in cooperation with local people (mostly nuns and partner organisation Without Mother). Together, we teach children self-sufficiency - children take part in running the household of the orphan care centre, they learn to grow their own vegetable and breed animals. Thanks to our help, they always have sufficiency of food, clothing and mainly education. We give them the chance to get a good job in the future and therefore to have a better life. Through their education and progress we want them to become full-fledged members of society and community, leaders of the change. Only this way, they can make south Tanzania a place they will not want to leave.

3 pillars of care


Orphan care centre in Mahango
  • Real home with family atmosphere

Basic needs

Food, hygiene, medical supplies
  • For the orphans in and outside the centre


Reconstruction of buildings, classroom equipment, supplies
  • To the poor village schools

Our projects


Who said that czech children cannot help in Africa? They can with us! To have a partner school in Europe is boring. Partner with a school in Tanzania. We will help you!

Orphan care centre in Mahango

The Orphan care centre Mahango is composed of three buildings, two dormitories (for boys and for girls) and a community building (kitchen, dining room and warehouse). At the moment, the centre is used by 30 children who found home and family atmosphere here.

Orphan sponsorship

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, there is a possibility for families or individuals to provide regular financial support for one of the tanzanian children who has lost his or her parents or lives in bad living conditions. The support is used for the basic needs: ACCOMMODATION, FOOD, CLOTHING AND EDUCATION.